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The premier destination for sketch art in India. Opens 10 AM → 10 PM every day during the whole year.

LIVE sketches

We turn your moments into Art in just 10 minutes from anywhere in the world

PHOTO sketches

Turn your digital photos into Art in less than 10 days, delivered Globally

EVENT appearances

Nandan Artist at your Venue for private or corporate Hospitality Event

ORIGINAL art works

By private commission or from our gallery and delivered Globally

“Art is not just our job, it is our passion. Washing away from our soul, the dust of everyday life.”

Sketch Portrait Studios is a platform to showcase the best in emerging Indian Art to a global audience. Initially our focus is on sketch art since one of our co-founders, Nandan Artist, a graduate from Lalit Kala Academy for Fine Arts, spent 20+yrs on the streets of Delhi earning his bread and butter from sketching more than 250,000 LIVE portraits. Click on our services tab to see more about Nandan and his work.

Our Gallery welcomes new artists, new collaborators, new workshops and new visitors to our online exhibitions from all over the world, actively encouraging people to share the power of art with each other and their communities. Most items displayed are for sale by the respective artist, so if a particular piece resonates with you strongly then by all means contact us to make an offer!

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